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Our network

SICAM (Madagascar)

Advice, choice, strong local presence and great service: we are constantly striving to meet and exceed your expectations.


SICAM Group is the Malagasy subsidiary of CFAO Automotive,
the largest automobile network in Africa and the French overseas territories. The Group includes SICAM, SOCIMEX, Austral Automobiles and Madasie.
SICAM Group, "Driving with confidence".

Trusted network of choice for leading global brands

SICAM was set up in 1994 and is the exclusive Malagasy distributor for 2 globally renowned brands: Mitsubishi and Suzuki. It sells a broad range of new passenger and commercial vehicles as well as a range of tires that is especially well-suited to African terrain.

SICAM provides short- and long-term vehicle rental services in partnership with Hertz and SICAMRENT, respectively, and a temporary transit car rental service for Europe with POE.

Efficiency boosted by a strong local presence

SICAM Group serves the whole island from its eight branches in the four largest cities of Toamasina, Mahajanga, Antsiranana and Taolagnaro, providing customers with a responsive and reliable service.

A dynamic, customer-centric organization

SICAM Group can tap into the entire logistical organization of the CFAO Group – particularly its European storage facilities – to ensure that vehicles and spare parts are readily available.

It comprises a team of over 400 skilled professionals striving for customer satisfaction through a relentless focus on quality and compliance with automakers' international standards of excellence.

Unstinting commitment to customer service

It uses modern and spacious facilities and leading-edge technology to provide a complete range of before- and after-sales services to meet all customer needs:

  • Financing solutions
    SICAM has teamed up with local banks to develop tailored customer auto financing solutions.
  • Trade-ins
    SICAM Group offers trade-ins on old models to customers wishing to purchase a new vehicle.
  • Services for professionals
    SICAM provides professional customers and partners with tailored services that include car fleet management and drive-by workshops.
  • Manufacturers' warranty
    All vehicles and spare parts sold through our network are covered by automakers' warranties.
  • Original spare parts
    SICAM Group uses only original spare parts for the brands it distributes in order to provide the highest standards of service and to guarantee product performance over the long term.
  • Tailored maintenance contracts
    Customers may choose between a number of different service contracts depending on a vehicle's age and mileage.
  • Round-the-clock assistance
    SICAM provides its customers with a round-the-clock breakdown service.
  • After-sales service
    SICAM Group offers a comprehensive range of after-sales services using leading-edge facilities and skilled personnel who receive training from automakers on a regular basis. Trainee mechanics at the Group's CAF apprenticeship center are awarded state-approved technical diplomas.


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Our locations

To contact or meet with us:


7 showrooms

  1. Madagascar Dealership

    17, rue Rabefiraisana Analakely
    101 Antananarivo
    Tel. +(261) 020 22 229 61
    Fax +(261) 020 22 336 73

  2. SOCIMEX Showroom

    Espace automobile Anosizato - B.P 44
    101 Antananarivo
    Tel. (+261 20) 22 325 24
    Fax (+261 20) 22 325 88

  3. SOCIMEX DIEGO Dealership

    Rue Boulevard Duplex Ramena
    201 Diégo
    Tel. +(261) 20 82 224 98 / +(261) 32 05 355 99
    Fax +(261) 20 82 293 93

  4. SOCIMEX TAMATAVE Dealership

    16, Boulevard de l'OUA
    501 Tamatave
    Tel. +(261) 205 33 36 72 / +(261) 32 07 033 64

  5. SOCIMEX MAJUNGA Dealership

    1er Bd Philibert Tsiranana
    401 Majunga
    Tel. +(261) 206 22 25 62 / +(261) 32 05 275 12


    614 Fort-Dauphin
    Tel. +(261) 209 22 10 76 / +(261) 32 02 442 71

  7. SICAMRENT Showroom

    Route des Hydrocarbures Ankorondrano
    101 Antananarivo
    Tel. +(261) 032 07 477 02 / +(261) 032 40 001 16