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CPS Africa
(key accounts, NGOs, UN)

cps africa website

The CPS Africa division offers a one-stop shop that aims to provide key accounts, NGOs and the United Nations with tailored service arrangements.

Taking customer service a step further

The CPS division taps into our extensive network to provide customers with:

  • Timely delivery to 35 African countries from its European bonded warehouses.
  • A wide range of leading brands of automobiles, trucks and motorcycles that have been specially adapted to African road conditions: fairing, enhanced suspension and filtration, adapted engines, etc.
  • Expertise in preparing custom-built vehicles: mining vehicles, ambulances for off-road driving conditions, mobile blood banks, armored vehicles, fire engines, VIP buses, etc. Internal features and appointments are carefully prepared based on set specifications and international safety standards...
  • A wide range of OEM Spare Parts from our warehouse based in Le Havre (France). We provide to our customers a wide range of part numbers, a highly efficient supply chain and a competitive price, with our direct sourcing from the main manufacturers. Thanks to our strong experience in Africa, we may provide advices to our customer in order to optimize their needs.
  • An extensive local network. Once the vehicle has been purchased, technical preparation and road-readiness, delivery and after-sales services are all handled by CFAO Automotive's network of 213 points of sale and service. The network also handles manufacturers' warranties. All of our customers have a local representative who deals with maintenance and repairs.