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OPEL by CFAO: An extensive partnership to achieve the brand's new ambitions

Opel and CFAO have been in partnership since 2000. Since this time, we have been helping Opel in French Guiana.

We mainly market a range of Opel city cars, sedans and family cars.

In each country, we offer an extensive range of sales and after-sales service centers for spare parts, accessories, bodywork and service requirements.

Living the dream!

In 1862, the German industrialist Adam Opel began making sewing machines and then bicycles before buying an automobile factory belonging to Friedrich Lutzmann in 1899. In 1910, Opel created the "Doktorwagen", revolutionizing the automobile in the process. This new car was more compact and only half the price of competing luxury sedans at the time. It also managed to create a new market thanks to its immense popularity with the middle classes. Opel has remained true to its original philosophy: being first to bring new ideas, new concepts and new technologies to a wide public. Opel strives to maintain its technological cutting edge and is presently Europe's third largest automaker.

Passionate about innovation

From the first "Doktorwagen" to electric vehicles with extended-range capability, Opel harnesses all of its engineering expertise to create affordable technologies that deliver enhanced security and performance. It manages to provide simple, comfortable and satisfying solutions using ingenious, innovative and off-beat products (interior flexibility, ergonomic extras and multiple safety systems).

« Sculptural artistry meets German precision »

The success of Opel's design is based on a subtle balance between beauty and functionality. With its groundbreaking design and sophisticated technology, the Insignia – one of the world's best selling sedans – makes a quantum leap toward rejuvenating the brand and embodies the new design language of “sculptural artistry meets German precision”. It was also named Car of the Year 2009 for its style, innovation, safety and comfort. In 1965 Opel became the first European automaker to launch concept cars from its emblematic Rüsselsheim design center. As the brand went from strength to strength, three design centers liaised to leverage the brand's emotional appeal and engineering craftsmanship.