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MITSUBISHI by CFAO: A long-standing and productive partnership

CFAO Automotive's first distribution partnership with Mitsubishi was signed in 1983 for Côte d’Ivoire and partnerships now exist with six other countries: Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritania, Liberia and Madagascar.

CFAO Automotive offers a full range of Mitsubishi vehicles, compact urban models (Space Star Attrage) 4x4 all-terrain vehicles (Pajero, Pajero Sport), SUV models (ASX, Outlander) and pickup (L200).

In each country, we offer an extensive range of sales and after-sales service centers via a network of approximately 15 Mitsubishi dealerships.

We have also opened three Mitsubishi-certified express services in Accra (Ghana), Lagos (Nigeria) and Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire).

The three-diamond brand

The Mitsubishi story is closely bound up with the history of modern Japanese industry. The firm has been through a lot since it began as a marine shipping company and it was not until 1970 that Mitsubishi – the three-diamond brand (Mitsu - three and bishi - diamonds) – first began to build automobiles under its own brand. Since it split from Daimler-Chrysler, Mitsubishi has developed highly beneficial cooperation arrangements with several automakers, including PSA in 2005, followed by Nissan, Suzuki, etc. These efforts have paid off, and Mitsubishi is now firmly established as one of Japan's leading international brands.

Combining driving pleasure with eco-friendliness

Getting behind the wheel should not have to be a choice between an eco-friendly but boring driving experience, and something that is more fun but harmful to the surrounding environment. Therefore Mitsubishi has focused on developing synergies between the dynamic performance and the environmental performance of its cars. Mitsubishi has demonstrated its commitment to the environment, launching new models that use green technology, are more energy efficient or have lower carbon emissions. For example, the company has designed lighter vehicles, started using low-rolling resistance tires, and opted for smaller cylinder capacity in conventional engine technology. Also, in 2009, Mitsubishi launched its i MiEV electric car, with over 17,000 models already rolled off the production line!